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Why bespoke printing with Melamaster is important

A lot needs to be taken into account when it comes to your bespoke printing, especially if it’s displaying your work or branding. At Melamaster, we’ve decided to dive a little deeper into why and how your bespoke printed products need to be shown off on in the highest quality possible so that it can separate you from the competition and make you stand out from other products you can find in the store.

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How to sell your custom printed melamine

If you’re an aspiring artist and are keen on selling your custom printed melamine products, we’ve got the perfect guide on how to do just that. Selling in a retail environment is an exciting prospect for anything regardless of where it is. It could be anywhere from small independent boutiques to high street retail stores, …


We’re Emotionally Attached to Our Melamine Mugs

Why do personalised or bespoke mugs mean so much? We were in the office and the dreaded moment of opening the cupboard and not being able to find your favourite mug happened. Now, you probably don’t need a survey to tell you that many of us become quite emotionally attached to our favourite mugs. After …

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The need to knows about Melamine Dinnerware UK

Melamine Dinnerware UK wouldn’t be as popular as it is if it wasn’t for its core, Melamine! Now, as obvious as it seems, we know the clue is in the title, but at the core of everything we are and do is Melamine. We’ve dived into answering a few of the most commonly asked questions …

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Your Melamine dinnerware UK questions answered

Even if you’ve never heard Melamine, you’ve most likely eaten of some melamine dinnerware UK. Before we dive too deep into the facts of Melamine, you can read all about its history here. Due to the unique material being lighter and more durable than China, many eateries favour melamine to avoid constantly having to replace …

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Selling with Melamaster trade accounts

In our recent blogs, we’ve been talking a lot about Melamaster trade accounts and the benefit of setting up an account and selling our bespoke melamine products, especially if you’re looking to get a custom print on our products. Sounds exciting right? Let us stop you right there. We’re taking it one step further and …

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Why custom melamine is simple but effective

Choosing the perfect way to represent your company or brand can be tricky. The same theory applies for when it comes to stocking the right products in your stores, boutiques and museums. However, with the right products, you can have a simple yet effective solution and we’ve got that solution for you. Custom melamine products …

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Melamine UK and its history

Melamine is ever increasing in popularity within the UK when it comes to homeware and crockery. Every now and then, we like to take one step back and be grateful for the products we have on offer.

Fundraising projects at Melamaster

Custom melamine plates

In a digital world, a typical day for a child consists of loads of Youtube, watching TV and playing video games. This is the norm these days, so what can you do at school to keep their minds active and for them to get creative? Our custom melamine plates could be the answer for you. …


Melamine Printing

If you are a business or individual that wants to promote your product or service offering, then would you turn to branded giveaways and merchandise? The answer is, you should be. With Melamine printing, you can expose your brand with that added touch of personalisation and elegance. You’re probably asking yourself, do these promotional products …