Choosing the perfect way to represent your company or brand can be tricky. The same theory applies for when it comes to stocking the right products in your stores, boutiques and museums. However, with the right products, you can have a simple yet effective solution and we’ve got that solution for you. Custom melamine products for your stock, branding or company is very effective for a number of aspects. But why is custom melamine so effective? Melamaster will tell you.


The main objective for getting your brand logos or designs printed on custom melamine products is so that it can be recognisable from a glance. In order for people to recognise your brand or design, their minds have specifically examine it at various times then be able to reinforce that into their memory. Your messaging, identity or designs have a fraction of a second to bring a particular artist or organisation to mind, so achieving this is both a science and art. To have this printed on a custom melamine product can be achieved effectively as you will be printing onto a non-traditional piece of merchandise like a pen or post-it notes.

Prompt Emotional Reaction

The art of gift-giving or holding sentimental stock in stores changes as trends adapt. It’s no secret that we are living in a digitally driven world and sometimes, a tangible product is all it needs to prompt an emotional reaction. This is great as the custom melamine products we offer can be used all around your home; making it the perfect gift or item to stock in your shops. This means that your products are not only recognisable but can elicit an immediate emotional response making it mean that little bit more.


The basic reality of design is that simple logos, messaging and designs are more memorable regardless if you are a business looked for branded goodies or an aspiring artist who wants to have their designed printed on custom melamine products. Making your design or custom melamine print memorable allows for the receiver to associate with it. This isn’t as simple as it sounds. To be able to differentiate yourself from a world of branding, logos, products etc, can be very tricky. However, with a custom melamine product, you are offering a tangible product. This makes it even more memorable and more than anything, it makes it useful. A product that someone can physically use is always going to gain brownie points.

Aesthetic Appeal

The simple principle is if you have stunning designs, logos and branding but you place it on an un-aesthetically pleasing design, no-one is going to want or associate with your product. Keep in mind that no matter how simple or complex your design might be, if it isn’t easy on the eye, it will not be of benefit to you or your company. With a choice of homeware products within our custom melamine ranges, your designs will be paired with the perfect choice of gifts or stock.

Simple is effective

When it comes to designs and brandings, the simplest of ideas are right in front of you. It’s not just a matter of creating the perfect custom print, it’s also about conveying product or service offering message. Get stuck in with a custom melamine product and give your clients or customers something worth having. If you have any questions, call us for a chat and we can give you all the details you need.