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Fundraising with Melamaster - Melamine UK

Why fundraising projects with Melamaster benefit everyone involved

Fundraising projects are just as much educational as they are profitable and successful. We appreciate that running a school can be expensive and money is needed for various purposes like throughout education. However, there are far more advantages than just bringing in monetary value. At Melamaster, we combine the process of fundraising and developing valuable …


What is the difference between ceramic and melamine tableware?

When it comes to choosing dinnerware, ceramic is often the go-to choice simply because many people don’t realise the range of benefits that come with melamine tableware. Investing in melamine tableware can help you save money and bring a whole new lease of life to your table settings, especially when you go bespoke with Melamaster.

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Promote your business with bespoke melamine coasters

When it comes to promoting your business, it can be hard to think of marketing and promotional materials that will reach a wide variety of people in your target audience. Coasters are something that can be used in everyday life without a second thought, that’s why they’re great for promoting your business, products and services.

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Give the gift of melamine tableware this valentine’s day

It’s that time of year again – valentine’s day, the chance to show that special someone how you feel. Buying gifts for your significant other on valentine’s day can be tricky, with flowers, chocolates and teddies saturating the shops, it’s hard to find a gift that’s truly special and unique. If you’re sick of the same old gifts and want to get something different that will last, then melamine tableware could be just what you need.

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Get cooking with melamine kitchen boards

The start of a new year is the perfect time to update your homeware, maybe you’ve set yourself a resolution to eat healthily or cook more. If so, then some brand new melamine kitchen boards are just what you need.

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Make dinnertime special with melamine placemats

There’s never a better time to refresh your dinnerware than at the start of a new year. The chaos of Christmas is over and it’s time for a fresh start. Our melamine placemats are sure to refresh your dinnertime for the new year and give it that finishing touch to make every mealtime feel special.

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Melamine kitchenware trends

Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply catching up with your family at the end of a long day, your kitchenware should reflect your personality, style and taste. If you’re tired of eating off the same old tired and dated crockery, these kitchenware trends will help inspire you to create your very own bespoke melamine kitchenware that will revitalise meal times.

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Melamine tableware: the perfect personalised gift

Personalised gifts are the perfect present to show someone you care, especially when generic bath sets and socks are so overdone at Christmas. At Melamaster, we specialise in personalised melamine tableware, so this Christmas why not gift someone a unique and personalised tray, plate or mug that will remind them of you for years to come.

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Caring for your Melamine Homeware

Melamine is the perfect solution for all of your homeware needs. It looks great, is durable, can save you money AND is easy to care for. These simple dos and don’ts will help you care for your melamine kitchenware, meaning you can keep it looking pristine for longer, enjoying it for years to come.


Successful Fundraising Projects with Melamaster

If you’re looking for personalised products that will grab people’s attention and help you raise a pretty penny, then Melamaster is the place for you. Melamaster specialises in school fundraising projects. Personalised, useful products are great for fundraising projects, but besides stocking up on great products, what else does it take to organise a successful fundraising project?

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Putting yourself out there with Melamaster

Let’s set the scene. You’re working closely with Melamaster to get your gorgeous and bespoke printing completed. You’re an aspiring artist and now you have your items in front of you and you’re lost as to where to start with selling them. At Mlemaster, we’re always on hand to help and steer you in the right direction.

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Questions to ask Melamaster

When you work with Melamaster on your custom prints we want to have a transparent and honest relationship with you. We’ve put together six vital questions to ask us to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting with Melamaster.