Let’s set the scene. You’re working closely with Melamaster to get your gorgeous and bespoke printing completed. You’re an aspiring artist and now you have your items in front of you and you’re lost as to where to start with selling them.

First thing is first – Don’t worry. We’re on hand to help and steer you in the right direction. If you’re a new and aspiring artist, then we don’t want to set you up for a fall. We’re not going to guide you and push you through the office doors of big corporations, however, small and steady steps are the way forward.

Your local coffee shop

The smell of a coffee brewing and the sounds of the milk being steamed and frothed are iconic to most coffee shops and more importantly to us. We know from pop culture and television programmes that local coffee shops can be some of the coolest places to be and hang out. However, if you take a moment to look around, you may also realise that coffee shops are amazing places for young, local and aspiring artists.

At Melamaster, we work with aspiring artists all the time and we can appreciate that ‘getting yourself out there’ can definitely be a tricky hurdle to overcome. However, a local coffee shop could, in fact, end up becoming your best friend. Many coffee shops are looking for a group of artists or photographers to rotate their art and products on show and for sale as a way to attract new people and create an artistic and creative environment.

It also allows them the opportunity to engage with the local community while showcasing artists creations on Melamaster products. This allows guests something unique to purchase as well as bringing new and innovative creations to their coffee shop floors.

Showcasing your artwork

For artists, showing your artwork on Melamaster products and then into local coffee shops can have huge benefits. Coffee shops and cafe owners are often happy to negotiate and if they agree to adorn, you will receive a much bigger exposure with a wider audience. Though art galleries have a good offering too, they can have peculiar hours and only cater to a certain crowd and community … not forgetting that most demand a fee to enter the building. Meanwhile, coffee shops appeal to lots of different … for free.

Furthermore, there may be an opportunity to draw attention in other ways. Sometimes, local media can give exposure to both the coffee shop and your Melamaster products. We can’t also dismiss the power of Social Media. If a bypasser and customer share something online about your products, the coffee shop or their surrounding, you could also gain exposure that way.

What happens next?

So, if you think you are ready for local coffee shops to display your own Melamaster custom printed products, getting your foot in the door may be much easier than you first may think. Like many things in life, art is in the asking.

Firstly, seek out a locally owned coffee shop. Even though we encourage all of our Melamaster clients to aim high, avoiding big chains like Costa, Starbucks and Cafe Nero is probably the best option for now. These big giants are less likely to accept your art.

Instead, look for the popular hole-in-the-wall type coffee joints. Make a list of the coffee shops in your area and check them out in person to make sure you like the vibe of the place and it would make a good venue for your artwork to stand out and contribute to that vibe.

Next, talk to the manager of the shop. Remember, they’re not just investing in your artistic products, but they are investing in you as well. This is also best to do in person. A general tip is to not bother the manager when the coffee shop has a long line to the barista or is very busy or crowded. Find them when business is a little slower. Also, some businesses are more welcoming than others, so if you get rejected, don’t take it personally.

Saying YES with Melamaster

After you get the big yes you’re waiting for from a coffee shop, there are a few things you need to prepare.
You will probably need a good artist statement about you and your work. This will help people get to know you and your art to help people connect with your work.
Coffee shops are probably not the best place to display your larger works. Often, smaller pieces work better and you can stock them nicely on a shelf. And you can always mention your website or gallery page in your artist statement to let people know about larger pieces or photos.

And once these things are done, enjoy all the benefits of the exposure you’ll gain from supporting a local business and having a wide audience see your art.

If you need a hand with what Melamaster products to choose, let us know. We’d love to hear your story, so be sure to call us.