If you’re looking for personalised products that will grab people’s attention and help you raise a pretty penny, then Melamaster is the place for you. Melamaster specialises in school fundraising projects. Once you have decided to start a fundraising project with Melamaster, you and your school pupils will receive a paper template to get creative with. Then it’s up to us to bring the design to life in a melamine plate, giving you custom prints to keep for life. Personalised, useful products are great for fundraising projects, but besides stocking up on great products, what else does it take to organise a successful fundraising project?

Build a clear, shared goal

The most important part of any school fundraising project is the cause. You need a cause that will encourage people to purchase your melamine products. You can communicate this in your melamine design, making the cause clear from creation. You may also want to set goals for the size of your fundraising project, you’ll need to know how many designs and final products you need. This will tell you how many templates you need (e.g. one per pupil) and will help you set a goal for how much money you want to raise for your school.

Shared goals with melamaster fundraising projects

Don’t just tell people about your fundraising projects, show them!

Show everyone exactly where their money is going and why your school’s fundraising project is important. Use statistics to educate people about your school’s cause and show them what a difference their money could make with images and videos. This reminder could also be incorporated into the design of your Melamaster products, templates can be personalised with School logos, mottos, project titles (the list goes on), making the plates even more special for capturing a memorable moment in time.

internet communication design

Talk – It’s not a bad thing

Communication is vital in order to make the most of your fundraising project. You can use a range of communication options to keep fundraising participants, such as parents updated on your fundraising journey. This could be by phone, email or social media. It is also important to give the people the choice to opt-out of communications. You could update them on how many Melamaster products you have sold and how much this helped you raise. You can use this communication to inform people on how they can gent involved in your Melamaster school fundraiser, or even organise their own.

Mobile phone paper craft

Say Thank You

This is a simple gesture that goes a long way. Many fundraising projects are not as successful because they fail to thank their donors. This could be as simple as an email or flyer, detailing how grateful you are for their help in your school fundraiser and what their money will be put towards. You could do this in a letter sent out by the school, thanking them for their involvement and showing images of what the pupils created.

The colorful words thank you made with wooden letters with valentine heart candy on brown paper background

Keep your participants updated

Keeping your fundraising project participants updated on any achievements from the fundraiser or any future events lets them know they are still part of the cause. The pupils’ parent may want to hear about any future Melamaster fundraising projects and even get involved themselves.

Melamaster is here to provide you with the perfect personalised products for your school fundraiser, give us a call today.