Promote your business with bespoke melamine coasters

Bespoke melamine coasters feature image. Woman holding a plain white coaster with title text next to it.

When it comes to promoting your business, it can be hard to think of marketing and promotional materials that will reach a wide variety of people in your target audience. Coasters are something that can be used in everyday life without a second thought, that’s why they’re great for promoting your business, products, and services. At Melamaster, we can help you create bespoke melamine coasters that will help grab the attention of future customers and help your business and brand to thrive.



Why melamine coasters are great for marketing

Melamine coasters are the ideal, everyday product that is useful for protecting surfaces from drink spillages and marks. Coasters can be found in a range of locations such as your local pub, cafe or hair salon. Because of this, coaster promotion can reach a wide range of people and the relaxed environments in which they’re often found mean people are more open to marketing. Potential customers are likely to check out an interesting coaster while they are waiting for service. If your coaster is eye-catching, then you’ll be sure to get their attention. If you want to promote your business, melamine coasters are a great way to get your name, work, and services out there.



Melamine coaster promotional ideas

Promotional merchandise is great for business, but how do you get your branded products out there? There are many ways you can get your business some attention when you choose melamine coasters with Melamaster.

Promotional giveaways: Giveaways are a great way to get your products out there, especially at events or exhibitions. Everyone loves free stuff and a handy coaster could be just what they need. You could even create a giveaway package with our range of Melamaster products. Pairing a coaster with a melamine mug or even a melamine teabag tidy can make the perfect promotional giveaway set.

In-store marketing: If your business has a retail base or office, the first thing you need to do is make sure you’re representing your brand. Melamine coasters are ideal for protecting your office surfaces and if you’re customer-facing, it’s another way to make your brand more memorable.

Purchase gift: When your business is making sales, a great way to show the customer that you’re grateful is with a gift. Offering free melamine coasters with purchases is a great way to encourage sales and get more products promoting your work out there. This is ideal for those working in the art and design industry, giving you a  simple yet unique way to showcase your work and get it into the hands of potential customers.



Go bespoke with Melamaster

Your design and business promotion can be brought to life when you choose bespoke melamine coasters with Melamaster. Not sure what to put on your coaster? If you want to promote your business offering then your business name, logo, location and contact details should be included so that any potential customers have all the information they need to reach you. If you’re looking for artistic design, we specialize in working with a range of unique artists and ensure that we print work to the highest quality. We also offer design support, ideal if you want to promote your business with melamine coasters but don’t have the design capabilities to do so. At Melamaster, we pride ourselves on providing a completely bespoke service when it comes to melamine products. We work with you to make sure your design vision is executed to a high standard, with 95% of our customers approving their melamine samples the first time. If you want to promote your business with bespoke melamine coasters, contact us today.