Fundraising Projects

Fundraising projects are just as much educational as they are profitable and successful. We appreciate that running a school can be expensive and money is needed for various purposes like throughout education. However, there are far more advantages than just bringing in monetary value.

At Melamaster, we combine the process of fundraising and developing valuable life lessons together. School fundraisers aim to instil valuable lessons into the minds of the student body; when you want something, you need to work hard for it. This lesson is carried throughout the education system and carries the same message into the real world. So let’s look into why educational fundraisers play such an important role in schools today and how we can help you.

Fundraising projects with Melamaster - Child holding up a paint brush and palette

How students, parents and schools benefit from fundraising projects.

They gain confidence

Students, regardless of their age or gender are in able to learn. They can gain many leadership skills and confidence through learning and fundraising projects. Being able to manage a project from start to finish and relate it back to a physical item that they have designed helps children to think through processes and be able to vocalise their steps when talking about it – a valuable life skill.

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They learn true teamwork

Teamwork is essential in the classroom and in the real world and fundraising projects allow require students to do just that. They work with each other, their parents and their teachers to achieve their overall goal. Fundraising at schools allows for the sharing of ideas and helps them learn to compromise.

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Giving a sense of value and understanding opportunities

When you fundraise, students will be able to see the process and more importantly understand why they are participating in this. Students will then understand the importance of communities and how meeting goals can be vital for success. It allows them to get a sense of belonging in a wider team. These skills are important now more than ever so if Melamaster can help with fundraising projects, we’re all for it.

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How does it work?

We have a saying … If we can print it, we can plate it. Picture plates are a great, visual way to engage students and really encompass how fun and exciting fundraising projects are. So, how does it work?

Each child is given their own template so they can get creative and let loose. This design can be anything from school logos to bespoke artistic creations from those little artists. They can be tailored to school events, seasonal dates like Christmas or Easter … the possibilities are quite limitless.

If you are looking for a way to help your children and their school, get in touch today for more information and inspiration.