In a digital world, a typical day for a child consists of loads of Youtube, watching TV and playing video games. This is the norm these days, so what can you do at school to keep their minds active and for them to get creative? Our custom melamine plates could be the answer for you.

In short, if we can print it, we can plate it!

Kids love to express themselves and with our custom printed melamine plates, each child can be given their own paper template to design their own plate. It doesn’t just stop there, each template can be personalised with school logos, project titles and more; making it the perfect fundraising project.

But before we delve into that, let’s dig a little deeper into why custom printed melamine plates are good for children’s development. No matter their ages, there’s always a way to encourage their creativity.

Share their story on our custom melamine plates

Children always have stories to tell and if you’re a parent or a teacher, you will be custom to how thee stories can unfold. With our custom melamine plates, you can encourage children to make that story come to life by drawing it onto a plate. As mentioned previously, every child will be given a template and they are free to design them however they want. You may be surprised at how creative they can get.

Any theme, any print

If you have special occasions like Christmas coming up or an end of the term project, this is a great way to change up their day to day activities at school. The possibilities are quite limitless and our custom printed melamine plates will look exactly the same as the design we receive.

A memorable gift

We all appreciate how quickly children can grow up and it’s lovely to be able to keep gifts from when they were younger. If you’re a teacher, this is the perfect way to get the whole family on board for some fundraising ideas. This way, everybody wins! The best thing about it is how durable melamine products are, so this gift really will last a lifetime. These gifts can be perfect for loved ones too and a personalised gift can make the idea present.

Our custom melamine plates are safe

We understand how excited your children or pupils will be when they see their template designs printed and come to life. The last thing we would want to do is give you a gift that isn’t durable and unsafe. Melamaster pride themselves on being able to offer you custom melamine plates that are durable and break-resistant as well as being easy to handle and clean. Get in touch today if you’re interested. We can also promise you:

– Quick turnaround

– Low minimum orders

– High-quality British made products

– Over 40 year’s experience

– A wide range of products to choose from

– Studio design support is available (If you’re not going to get the kids involved and are looking for branded products)