All About Our Melamine

custom printed melamine products

We have been asked a few times why we use melamine, and what melamine actually is. So here is the answer.

Melamine is a great heat resistant, durable and easily moulded plastic, (that’s the quick answer). More in-depth, melamine is an organic compound made by mixing strengthening materials with the melamine resin. Melamine is not only heat resistant but can be washed in the dishwasher and will dry faster than normal dishes because of its ability to retain heat.

The truth is, this is the best product to print on to with the best results because of the high quality of the plastic its self and the fact it can be made in a variety of different colours. It holds high-resolution images and designs and with the products it’s moulded in to it makes sense for them to be durable. For example with trays, spoons rests, chopping boards and children’s plates to name just a few, these things would be useless if they were made of fragile materials.

We have been creating quality melamine products and printing on quality melamine for over four decades and we believe this is the best way for custom gifts and printing to be done. Our entire collection of melamine products is on our online store so feel free to check that out to see our range of products, and bespoke melamine offers.

For more information or if you have more questions about our services please contact us on 02476 724 900 or email us at to see what we can do for you.