All You Need For Summer

Summer is here (finally) and we here love the summer, so let us tell you how we can sort you out for all your summer activities. From BBQ’s to picnics we have it sussed.

Pimp Up Your Picnic

We understand how important it is to get outdoors in the summer, and make use of all this glorious daylight. So why not go picnic-ing this summer, and while you’re thinking about where you could go, why not take a look through our collection of quality melamine products such as the durable plates, cups, and bowls, all made with you lucky people in mind. Get out there do some adventuring and don’t forget your lunch, made easier with these fantastic products.

Bust Out Your BBQ!

Now you’re doing two things, your mouth has started to water at the mere mention of a BBQ  (we are with you on that one!) and you’re starting to think “what could Melamine Products have to do with BBQs?” (let us answer this one for you). Imagine this, the sun is baking your garden and all you want is to throw all your favourite foods on the BBQ to get that smokey taste you can only get from the BBQ but your friends are all sun bathing and you have to do it all on your own, run back and forth from the kitchen topping up drinks making sure nothing burns while you fetch the rest of the food, but wait the burgers are done and you haven’t got the plates out of the cupboard because you were too busy carrying buns.

Now imagine being able to carry out your buns, burgers, hotdogs and sauces all at once on one bespoke melamine tray giving you enough time to collect the heat resistant melamine plates while getting your self a cheeky Gin and Tonic in one of the best melamine cups your have ever drank from? We know which one we would prefer.

So stop hesitating, contact us now at or check out our quality melmine products and artists online. Need more answers, or have questions about charity fundraising give us a call on 02476 724 900